If you want to make sure that your dog is as healthy as possible, chances are that you are in the market for a natural dog supplement. After all, dogs are beloved part of the family. With the right nutrition, your dog can live a longer, healthier life. Some supplements can even help treat the symptoms of a number of common diseases, such as arthritis, or conditions such as dry skin and hot spots. Like humans, dogs need a wide range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their diets. A natural supplement can ensure that they get what they need.

Whether you buy inexpensive supermarket dog food or you spring for a veterinary-recommended, scientifically formulated kibble, your dog may not be getting all of the nutrients he or she needs. Even the top brands of foods often include filler ingredients such as bone meal, corn powder and white flour. While some of the veterinary foods contain added vitamins and minerals, they do not contain the customized supplements needed to treat specific diseases and conditions. Only with a natural supplement can you have complete control over your dog’s health.

With recent scares over contaminated food, and growing concern over the filler ingredients that make up most commercial dog food, an increasing number of people are taking a natural approach to their pets’ nutrition. More people than ever are making their own dog food out of a variety of fresh ingredients, and some pet owners put their dogs on specialized diets that include only raw, organic or salt-free components. While these dogs may benefit from their all-natural diets, they may not be getting all of the vitamins and nutrients they need. This is because homemade food does not contain the added supplements found in even the cheapest kibble. With a natural dog supplement, however, you can give your pet the best of both worlds. They can enjoy fresh, homemade food, free from filler and preservatives, while getting the full nutritional benefit of a natural supplement.


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